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Hi! Prance here!! I'm a black and white striped stuffed cat who is always getting into mischief.   Have you ever wondered what your stuffed animals were up to when you were not watching them? 


Well, curious cat that I am, I am always sneaking into Jo's backpack and going on adventures. My biggest dream in life has always been to meet a zebra.


I just got back from safari in Africa, and I finally met a zebra!

(Order, 'Lost in the Serengeti' to read all about this adventure)




Did you know that every living organism is a member of a scientific classification system known as taxonomy?  It is a system created by Carl Linnaeus, a Swedish scientist.  He lived a long time ago in 1707 - 1778


Do you want to learn about African Animals from Antelope to Zebra? 

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Author Note:

Prance the Cat stories were originally written for my nieces. Each book is illustrated with photos, shot on location by my partner, and talented photographer, D. Izelaar. The page design and photo layout have been edited by professional photographer, Bjorn van Sinttruije.


The stories are filled with information about the culture, language and natural resources of each country visited in Africa. The stories will appeal to all ages; younger children will enjoy listening to the story and looking at the photos; older children will be gently challenged with the reading level. The entire series would appeal to animal story fans of all ages, and 50% will be donated to a good cause for each copy sold. E-books available via Amazon.com. Printed books available via advanced order, direct from author. Thank you for purchasing a Prance book. 



Collect the entire African Adventure series.   

“African Bush Creatures"

"Lost in the Serengeti”

“Katting Around Kenya” (coming soon)




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