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My name is Kathy Jo, not Kathleen nor Katherine, but simply Kathy Jo.

I was born in the United States of America, Colorado to be specific. To be more specific, Niwot, Colorado. (population 82 at year of my birth) At the age of twelve my family moved from our little farm town, to Phoenix, Arizona, with a population of over one million inhabitants. It was quite a culture shock for a child, to say the least.

As a child when asked, 'What do you want to be when you grow up?' I rarely gave the same answer twice. I would be a teacher, singer, writer, actress, or waitress.  When I was in my early twenties I worked at many odd jobs to afford my lifestyle and education expenses, and confess that one of these jobs was a singing waitress. Upon completion of university early child development course of study, my first career was teaching Pre-school and Kindergarten children; a career that span more than a decade.

After a few detours I  specialized in neuromuscular rehabilitation and stress reduction therapies. Massage therapy is an important part of my life and I recommend it to all. Eventually, I sold my therapy center in America and moved to Europe to join my partner in his country of birth, where I work in the high school bi-lingual sector as a teacher and coordinator of International Baccalaureate (IB) English Language  & Literature A1 Programs. A very rewarding career.

In 2005, I graduated from London School of Journalism, and am currently working on my third novel; and am very active as a journalist.  Continuing education is a top priority in my life and, in my opinion, the driving force behind attaining the goals I set for myself. Perhaps why,  in 2011, I completed the World Teacher's Program at Leiden University,  Netherlands.  And so, this amazing journey called 'life' continues...

Reading, writing, cooking and traveling are the activities that fill most of my spare time. I've been blessed to have traveled to more than thirty countries so far, on four continents, and have collected many wonderful memories, life-changing experiences and delicious recipes along the way. 

World travel is quite a common concept for Europeans, but as an American, I am still amazed and thankful for every adventure. The beauty and diversity of this magnificent planet is mind-blowing. Africa and Indonesia have stolen my heart and I plan to return there on every given opportunity.

My first novel, The Butterfly Clinic, (ISBN: 978-0-595-45441-9) and second novel, Chapter Closed  (ISBN: 978-1-61204-966-3) are now available for purchase at all major book outlets and via online orders, or via author's website. Click the links option for purchase venues!

African Bush Creature's Safari, is available as a Kindle Ebook at Amazon.com. 50% of profits will be donated to various non-profit children and animal rights organizations . Watch journalist updates for details.

My preferences in reading are diverse; from Fiction authors such as John Grisham, Yann Martel & Tess Gerritsen to the Classic Literature of Anais Nin, Tolkien, & Virginia Woolf. Dutch Author? Naturally, Harry Mulisch. The Discovery of Heaven is available in English - I highly recommend this Mulisch novel. (The world lost a true legend in 2010...RIP Mr. Mulisch!) 

Thank you for visiting my website. Please sign the guestbook on your way out and enjoy your books should you make a purchase.

Cheers,  Kathy Jo 







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