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The Threes, by K. J. Keller ( July 2016)

Posted by Kathy Jo Keller on March 11, 2016 at 10:15 AM Comments comments (6)

It seems that even writers are guilty of neglecting their website updates. So, I'm working out a new plan for 2016... 8)

Since my life has taken on many new challenges in the past year, it is time to pull them all together for maximum marketing balance.

As you know upon graduation of London School of Journalism in 2005, I deserted the concept of journalism and went directly to writing children's books after inspiration from an 8-week journey through Africa; rhen on to my first novel, The Butterfly Clinic which was published in 2007; followed by my 2nd novel, Chapter Closed with 2012 publication date; and finally in 2013, my journalist nitch was uncovered.... music journaism.

One thing leads to another and before you know it, one interview with a musician friend and his band turns into an all obsessive profession that consumes more than half of my waking hours. (Hence, I ignored this writer's blog for an entire year! Yikes!) As those of you who follow me regularly know, the music journalism paved the way into creating my own music management company, which will celebrate 1-year anniversary May 15th. How it was possible to work out publishing a third novel, is a mystery to me as well, however, 'The Threes' will find its way into the reader's hands by July 2016. With a small booksigning tour planned, dates and locations will be announced soon. So, thank you to all who have kept following via Social Media... to those who only visit websites, I promise to do better at keeping this blog updated. xKat