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Autumn 'Journalist' Update: Sneak Preview

Posted by Kathy Jo Keller on August 28, 2014 at 7:25 PM Comments comments (0)

Hi Everyone,


All good things must end, they say, and that includes Summer Vacation...but what a fun memorable music mix Summer 2014 turned out to be!


Keltfest, Castlefest, Park Pop, Waterpop, North Sea Jazz Festival, Kristoffer Gildenlow, The Royal Spuds, Rastaban, Golden Earring; and I've had the pleasure of interviewing so many amazingly talented musicians this summer, plus I've made many nice contacts for future interviews. As though that were not enough to keep a music enthousiast journalist busy, many musicians utilized my Dutch-English translation services; which was a fantastic experience, especially reviewing lyrics for the soon to be released albums. Loved it! 


Unfortunately, none of the music magazines are taking on new journalists at this time, so my writing remains a 'hobby' and teaching remains my profession for yet another year; (but I'm quite sure that if I were writing full time, I would still teach part time, as it is also a passion.) Autumn does not officially begin until September 22, so I will not write my full 'Autumn Author Antics' article yet for my blog, but since this afternoon I will enter the campus and work on setting up my classroom and office, (and since it is a grey, dreary sky), for me summer ends today.


With that said, although it is true that teachers have long, lovely vacation benefits (especially that six weeks in summer), we also need to work a lot during our time off with lesson preparations. Lucky for me, 50% of the IB English Language & Literature course involves teaching the following writing techniques: interviews, articles, & blogs. So, blending my freelance writing and teaching is quite easy. :)


I will continue to post at least three interviews per month, and a few articles, so please go to the home page and subscribe to this website. You will receive an email whenever there are new posts to read.


Here is a list of upcoming interviews! Do you have a favorite band that is not on the list? Just let me know in the comment section below and I will contact them for an interview. As always, thanks for your support. 8) Cheers, Kat




Autumn Interviews:

Rastaban-(Belgium) ‘Mich Rozek’ interview -Live from Castlefest, NL


Aniday (Netherlands) ‘Maria Catharina’, Up Close and Personal Interview


Robby Valentine (Netherlands) Up Close and Personal Interview


Freedom to Glide (London) interview Pete Riley & Andy Nixon (Part 2 &3).


Philhelmon (USA/Netherlands) Interview–Henk Bol&Ky Fifer (Part 2)


Robin Janssens (Netherlands) Up Close and Personal Interview (Alek Dronik+2 more)


Synergy Protocol (Netherlands) ‘Laura Guldemond’ Up Close and Personal Interview


Kim Kruit (Netherlands) Up Close and Personal Interview


Terror of Tinnitus (Article) –Workshops completed, therapy done, ready to write.


Magnus Tveiten (Norway) Interview- Talented guitarist of Norwegian band Blodsmak.


Steve Balbi (Australia) Interview- Steve Balbi will discuss Black Rainbow and more!


Pulse (Netherlands) Interview- Experimental 3-piece Hard Rock Band!

The Real Thing: Interview/Promos/Article

Posted by Kathy Jo Keller on May 26, 2014 at 8:55 AM Comments comments (0)

As many of you know, my old blog crashed a few months ago! :(

Happy to say announce that another artist update is completed for 'Mission Blog Repair'!

Since I've been following this band since 2001, it is logical to assume a nice friendship has developed over the years. :)  My husband and I try to get out to a gig at least twice per year.

It doesn't matter if it is a performance of The Real Thing (U2 covers) or The Next Thing (All covers)... Bart, Bas, Jack and Jan always give 100% and you are certain to have a great time dancing and singing along!   Check out their website or FB Page for dates of upcoming events.

Until the next gig... enjoy this year in review of promos/articles and our interview!

Cheers, Kat



Spring Sensations: (April-2014/Promo-TNT&others)

Winter Whatnots: (February-2014/Promo-TRT&others)

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Expat Extravaganza: (July-2013/Promo)

The Real Thing: (June-2013/Article)

Ivo Gleeman: Interview/Promos/Article

Posted by Kathy Jo Keller on May 25, 2014 at 9:20 AM Comments comments (0)

As many of you know, my old blog crashed a few months ago! :(

Happy to say announce that another artist update is completed for 'Mission Blog Repair'!

Ivo has been very busy since our last encounter; I popped in to see him play at a small benefit concert several months back, and it is past time for a second interview with this fantastic singer-songwriter. 

I really want to hear all about his latest tour with his new band promoting the new album; the pub tour through Ireland; and his recent full-spread interview/article in 'The Magazine of Rotterdam-GERS Magazine!' So, hopefully, we can have another 'Nice Day' together soon, IvoI would like that very much! Enjoy a trip down memory lane and check out the new photos in our interview from last summer. :) 

Cheers, Kat

Spring Sensations: (April-2014/Promo-Ivo&others)

Winter Whatnots: (February-2014/Promo-Ivo&others)

Autumn Author Antics: (November-2013/Promo-Ivo&others)

Interview: Nice Day with Ivo Gleeman! (September-2013/Interview)

(Note: all the comments were lost when old blog crashed! Please leave comment on blog!)

Ivo Gleeman: Singer Songwriter Spotlight (July-2013/Article)

The Royal Spuds: Interview & Promo

Posted by Kathy Jo Keller on May 10, 2014 at 10:55 AM Comments comments (0)

Happy to say another artist update is completed for 'Mission Blog Repair'!

No matter your mood, there is a song from The Royal Spuds that will fit the occasion. We visited relatives in South Africa last week and I have a fond memory of bouncing around in the back of a jeep on a 4x4 trip on our way to Bulshoek Dam with The Royal Spuds basting in my earphones! 

Enjoy our fun and quirky interview and check back soon for my review of Keltfest, where I look forward to yet another Spud'riffic event! (Yikes! Looks like a new obsession for spuds is in the making!) K

Promo: Spring Update

Article: Folk-Punk is Fun!

Promo: Winter Update

Interview: Spudlicious Interview-December 2013!

Article: Popprijs Westland 2013

Nax & TNS: Articles/Promos/Interviews (May/2013-May/2014)

Posted by Kathy Jo Keller on May 10, 2014 at 9:25 AM Comments comments (0)

Nax & The New Shining blog posts have finally been repaired and are ready for you to 're-share'. :)

As my 'Mission Blog Repair' Continues... it was obvious that one band was my major obsession. (Obviously, I was honest when I said The New Shining was my all time favorite!) :)

From my first blog post (May/2013) promoting the 3FM Serious Talent Tour, until the last segment of my interview series with Nax, where he discusses the years with The New Shining as well as his desicion to start a solo career; and English translation of TNS statistics... You can find it all here!

Naturally, I will follow the solo career of Nax very closely, and look forward to writing a review for his new solo album. Until then, enjoy a full year of TNS rewind! Cheers, K

Articles, promos and interviews about Nax & TNS from May/2013 - May/2014:

Nax: Up Close and Personal (Part-three)

Nax: Up Cose and Personal (Part-two)

Nax: Up Close and Personal (Part-one)

TNS: Promo (Winter Spotlight)

TNS: Promo (Autumn Spotlight)

TNS: Article (Fast Flight to Fame)

TNS: Article (Statistics: 2006-2013)

TNS: Article (Wake Up Your Dreams)

TNS: Promo (3FM Serious Talent Tour)

Racoon: Interview with Dennis Huige-Part (s) 1&2

Posted by Kathy Jo Keller on May 8, 2014 at 9:15 AM Comments comments (0)

Thank you all for your patience during 'mission Blog repair'!  I am happy to report that the interview series with Dennis Huige has been restored. (Please share with your friends and Racoon fans!)



You will notice I added new photos to the revised version, and I'm sure you will agree that they are spectacular! These photos were all copied from the Heineken Music Hall concert photo album. You can find the entire photo album on the Racoon site.

We are gettting very excited for the Stichting Jayden Benefit Concert in Goes, NL on May 25!

Although my interveiw focus is based on Dutch artists who sing in English, I would make an exception for one of my favorite Dutch solo acts, Guus Meeuwis!  He will be one of the performers at this 'Racoon and Friends' benefit concert.

Expect an article in early June with highlights from the Stichting Jayden concert, and even if you are not at the concert, please take a moment to make a donation to this very important 'cancer research fund' called: Stichting Jayden.

Cheers, Kathy

New address for Journalist Blog!

Posted by Kathy Jo Keller on April 10, 2014 at 7:05 PM Comments comments (0)


Today the 'bookblogworld' link was deleted. I have sent an email to my publisher, SBPRA in America to find out what the problem is with the site. 

Happily, I had copy/paste all articles to a Google Blogger site. 

All interviews can be found at above link. Cheers, Kathy

Nax: Up Close and Personal (Part Two)

Posted by Kathy Jo Keller on April 5, 2014 at 8:45 AM Comments comments (0)

Here it is! Thank you for your patience. There was a small time delay due to technical issues of installing a 'translation' tool.  Default the article to your 'Native Language', and let me know in the comments if translation is accurate. (Original text is written in English, naturally.) :)


Cheers, Kat

PS-Since our original discussions began in July 2013, it is without exageration that I say finishing this 3-part interview series felt like giving birth. :) Since this is ninth-month of this project, it is symbolic in many ways. 

What's Up: I Streamlined My Social Media

Posted by Kathy Jo Keller on March 28, 2014 at 6:05 AM Comments comments (0)

Hello all of my supportive friends and fans,

Still trying to work out the most efficient way to utilize social media. :)  Some follow me on Facebook, more follow my Twitter, even larger group follow my Journalist Blog. In order to reach a very large group of followers who avoid FB & Twitter, I need to send out emails via Google +, Link'd In, and the list goes on and on.

The only Social Media that I actually pay for is this author website. As in, I actually own this domain site, yet it is the most neglected of my accounts.

Sooooo..........my solution is to bring my audience, kicking and screaming to this site. (Yep, all promos for bands, links to interviews, and other ramblings will be posted here first!!!)

The reason is three-fold: 

  1. To save time by only having to update one spot.
  2. I want everyone to buy my novels via my Author Shop!
  3. I want to track comments and interact with other authors & music fans. 
  • This neglected website actually has interaction functions....

So, follow interviews and articles here:  http://kathykeller.bookblogworld.com/

But please follow daily posts and interact with me here..... :) 

Thxxx, K

Would really love to see a comment from you on this post. x


Nax: Up Close and Personal

Posted by Kathy Jo Keller on March 21, 2014 at 6:50 PM Comments comments (0)

It’s hard to do the right thing

All the noise around me makes my head spin

When everybody’s telling you what to do

It’s best to stick to your plan, and just follow through”


The above quote from Do The Right Thing, quite sums up the creative genius of Nax, who has become well known in the Netherlands as front-man for The New Shinining (TNS). One thing that I’ve discovered in the past six months of interaction with this talented artist, Nax is certainly a man who sticks to his plans. When he has fallen into a creative phase, he all but disappears from the radar until the tracks are recorded, and his heart and soul have poured out whatever he needed to say. With the success of cd’s Stripped/Full Circle (2012) and Wake Up Your Dreams (2013) the singer/songwriter toured the country with TNS, which included gigs at many prestigious venues and festivals, radio and television appearances, documentaries, interviews, and the creation of several amazing music videos. For new fans, you can read all about the history of the band here and here. Over the course of several long afternoon interviews, we discussed the deeper meaning behind lyrics of Stripped/Full Circle, the early years of TNS, and what keeps Nax motivated as a singer/songwriter and guitarist. To be honest, our conversations flowed with such ease they often turned into marathon chats; seriously, there is enough information to write a dozen interview segments. The most challenging project now will be deciding what to share, and what to save for a rainy day rewind. Enjoy!

Read the full interview here: