K. J. Keller

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The Threes is an updated re-issue of The Butterfly Clinic.

Most notably, the new book cover (designed by Philhelmon) has been changed to compliment the storyline.

Secondly, statistics have been updated regarding domestic violence and the pornography industry, which unfortunately, the number of victims have increased.

You can purchase direct from Amazon dealers for the Kindle version; or direct from author via the 'Buy Now' button, (in which you will receive a $2 discount).

About the novel:
Cassandra Frost finds herself facing an emotional meltdown while dealing with her upcoming wedding anniversary; the second one that she will face as a widow. Since her husband’s death, Cassy has filled the void in her life with her work, family and friendships. But all this is about to change when, for three times, Cassy has a bizarre dream in which she witnesses the murder of a young woman. Convinced that she is being caught up in the family superstition known as The Threes, the only thing Cassy knows for certain is that she needs to have a plan that will give her a chance to survive the deadly night in the Arizona desert that she knows awaits her. And she is prepared for everything―except for falling in love.

Although the novel is a romance and a work of fiction, The Threes, addresses the very real issues of domestic violence, sex crimes and Internet pornography. Many people are unaware of the magnitude of the Internet sex industry, which receives over seventy million hits per month world wide, and includes over one hundred thousand websites of child pornography.

The Threes has many strong messages for women: self-defense, dissolving toxic relationships and women helping women.  "“The butterflies represented freedom. The fact that they were blue and that they were dancing to mariachi music was a reminder of Maria’s butterfly, symbolizing freedom for the oppressed women of the world. A freedom, we should all strive to create for our universal sisters."”